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Borges, Lino

Las Voces del Siglo: Lino Borges

Originaltitel: Las Voces del Siglo: Lino Borges
Format: CD Audio
Label: Egrem
Jahr: 2007
Land: Cuba
Genre: BOLERO BALADA > Bolero
Verfügbarkeit: an Lager. Lieferfrist (Schweiz) 3-4 Tage

Borges, Lino Las Voces del Siglo: Lino Borges

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Disc 1
1: Vida consentida - 1959
2: Y me haces pensar - 1959
3: Añorado encuentro - 1960
4: Qué motivo - 1960
5: La vida es un sueño - 1964
6: Psicología - 1964
7: Raro presagio - 1964
8: Canto a mi propia vida - 1967
9: Ebrio de engaño - 1967
10: Volcán de ilusiones - 1967
11: Corazón en cristal - 1989
12: Este cariño mío - 1978
13: Si me pudieras querer - 1979
14: Morir soñando - 1979
15: Cuál fue el motivo - 1979
16: Este amor salvaje - 1979

Lino Borges

Just mentioning the boleros Vida consentida (Condescended life) and Corazón en cristal (Crystal heart), brings forth the immediate mental association with the name of Lino Borges, one of the bolero's emblematic voices in Cuba whose recordings were quite spread out on the middle of last century by radio broadcasters as well as by juke boxes flooding public places at the time.

Leader voice in ensembles like Joaquín Mendivel's, Rumbavana's and Saratoga's, being this last one with which he stayed for more than two decades, he was frequently identified by promotional media as "La voz del bolero" (Bolero's voice) for his great mastering of the genre, where his ample discography is a testimony of it, which has been the base for creating a compilation as part of the collection Las Voces del Siglo (Voices of the century), where we can enjoy some of the jewels that he immortalized all along his wide artistic career.

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